Thursday, December 22, 2011

Report on NY1

NY1 ran a report tonight on Eugenia's case that can be seen (and read) at:

We hope this very strong and concise report will generate further interest in the matter.

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  1. Having watched this very fine report again, I wanted to highlight two things.

    First, the fire mentioned in the report broke out while Eugenia was already in police custody. Nobody has ever asserted that she set it, planned it or even knew about it. Yet this is the basis for the arson and attempted murder charges that keep her in prison.

    Second, the "confession" mentioned in the report was a statement handwritten in English by a police officer, who had interrogated Eugenia in Spanish. At the time, Eugenia did not speak or read English. She was told that she had to sign the written statement, even if she could not read it, if she wanted to see her children again, and she did so -- hence our assertion that it was coerced. In addition, Eugenia was not properly advised of her Miranda rights.

    And while the statement written by police asserts that Eugenia had knowledge of her stepfather's scheme and witnessed the abduction (both of which Eugenia denies), it does not "confess" to having planned or committed the abduction, does not place Eugenia at the scene of the captivity, and does not connect her in any way to the fire, which again was set while she was already in police custody.

    There are so many compelling details to this story, which are so difficult to convey by news report, blog, or otherwise. We hope that the Governor's office is giving the matter a fulsome review.